Why do I need to rent a tailgating trailer in Dallas or Fort Worth?

Some people love to spend 2 hours setting up a tailgate. Wait….they don’t?

That’s how we got started tailgating at AT&T Stadium (then Cowboys Stadium) in Arlington back in 2011. We had so much junk packed into my Tahoe that only three people could ride to the game. Canopies, grill, coolers, snacks, chairs etc were all jammed into my ride (we didn’t even have a TV/satellite hookup at the time). It took a few hours to load up, but that paled in comparison to the time it would take to set that stuff up once we got to the tailgating spot.

So my brother and I decided we had to do something about it. We founded  Big Game Trailers and decided to build a trailer that would hold it all, including the TV/satellite setup we wanted so we wouldn’t miss any big games while we were stuffing our face at the tailgate. My brother had extensive experience building utility trailers at my grandfather’s shop in Duncanville, Texas so he was the guy that could take our ideas from the legal pads we scratched them on to the shop floor.

Tailgating Trailer

One of our trailers at AT&T Stadium in 2013.

Enough rambling.

Why would you need a trailer at your next tailgate? Decreased setup time and convenience. Everything you need to tailgate is included in one of our trailers. All you have to do is bring food and drink. We deliver a trailer to you, set up the satellite, chairs, canopies, table, etc, prepare the grill and make sure you are good to go for your tailgate. We will also pick up the trailer after your event, so you don’t have to worry about hauling the trailer with your own vehicle.

Remember when you visited a buddy’s tailgate and had a great time kicking back and relaxing? That was you before you decided to host one yourself. So if you are tired of spending hours setting up your tailgate and want to relax for a change, let us deliver a trailer to your spot and get back to enjoying every possible minute of tailgating time.

If you’d like to get a quote for your event, email us at biggametrailers@yahoo.com or click here and fill out the form for more info.

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